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What We Do


What We Do

Develop Your Bioinformatics Workflow with Theiagen

We Build Capacity

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) plays a pivotal role in pathogen genomics, offering a means to read microbes’ genetic material for insights into their diversity, evolution, drug resistance, and critical virulence factors. 

Here at Theiagen, we utilize the latest bioinformatic approaches, develop resources and train your personnel to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology and build capacity in your public health workflows.

We Build Capacity

Why Choose Theiagen Genomics?

We are a dedicated team of experts  determined to enhance public health outcomes through the analysis of infectious disease, food safety, molecular diagnostic and environmental monitoring data. Together, we draw upon experience from academic, governmental, and industry careers to deliver a world-leading service across a diverse range of microbial genomics applications.

Isolate Sequencing

Isolate Sequencing or whole genome sequencing, is the sequencing of the complete genome of a microbial species. This is usually done by isolating a sample from its environment and growing it in pure culture before extracting and sequencing its DNA. Isolate sequencing can be used to study individual strains in great detail, including their genes, proteins, antimicrobial resistance, epidemiology, metabolic pathways and type classification.

Targeted Metagenomics Sequencing

Targeted Metagenomics Sequencing, also known as amplicon or marker gene sequencing, focuses on sequencing specific genetic markers within the genomes of microorganisms in a sample. This is often used to study specific microbial groups and identify specific genes that are involved in certain processes, such as antibiotic resistance or disease progression.

Full Metagenomics Sequencing

Full Metagenomics Sequencing directly reports DNA sequences from mixed microbial communities extracted from environmental samples. It offers a comprehensive view of the genetic diversity and functional potential of the entire microbial community and can reveal key insights into how communities behave.   It can be used to analyze complex environments, including the human gut, soil  or ocean samples, and cooked or uncooked foods.

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