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What We Do


What We Do

Bioinformatics Training for Public Health

At Theiagen, we understand that every organization has diverse needs; that's why we offer customizable genomics training to suit a variety of goals, objectives, and target outcomes. Whether you're new to data analysis or looking to broaden your team's expertise, Theiagen can unlock the potential of your genomic data for a variety of public health applications.

Bioinformatics Trainingfor Public Health
Flexible Learning Options

Flexible Learning Options

Whether you prefer on-site or remote sessions, we've got you covered. From one hour to one week, our training programs cover everything you need to get started with pathogen genomics.

Comprehensive Training Coverage

Comprehensive Training Coverage

Our training provides a comprehensive coverage of topics across sequencing and bioinformatics applications.   We offer you insights into the fundamentals of NGS data analysis, processing result reporting and interpretation.

Up-to-date and Hands-on Approaches

Up-to-Date and Hands-On Approaches

Our training is hands-on and offers you the opportunity to work with real data sets. Equip yourself with the latest skills and technical knowledge required to get the most out of your data.


People trained in public health genomics

Created asynchronous bioinformatics workshop for LMICs to be translated and delivered in

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