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We are pleased to share a recent publication in Frontiers where we collaborated with the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory (NSPHL) to address  the ongoing Candida auris outbreak in Southern Nevada since August 2021. NSPHL sequenced over 200 C. auris isolates from multiple facilities, identifying distinct subgroups from Clade I and III. Open-source bioinformatic tools developed by Theiagen Genomics aided the epidemiological investigation.

The study compared three methods for C. auris whole genome analysis: Nullarbor, MycoSNP, and a new pipeline, TheiaEuk, developed by Theiagen Genomics with assistance from NSPHL. The study revealed phylogenetic linkages within the outbreak and placed it in a global context using existing sequences.

We are grateful for the contributions of all involved in advancing bioinformatics and genomics research for public health.

Find the full publication here.