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Theiagen named in CDC Award to Massachusetts Department of Public Health

September 26, 2022

CDC announced 5-year awards to five state public health departments on September 20, 2022. The awards will establish the “Pathogen Genomics Centers of Excellence” (PGCoE) network. The PGCoE network is intended to foster and improve innovation and technical capacity in pathogen genomics, molecular epidemiology, and bioinformatics to better prevent, control. and respond to microbial threats of public health importance.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health will partner with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard as lead academic partner. Other academic members from Massachusetts and Connecticut include Boston University, Yale University, Fathom, and Theiagen. In addition, it will serve as lead CoE for education with Harvard Medical School, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and the Massachusetts Consortium on Pathogen Readiness (MassCPR).

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