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By utilizing workflow import and export features in, scientists can collaborate with peers, leverage existing workflows, and accelerate research without reinventing the wheel. Sharing and importing workflows saves time and also fosters reproducibility within the scientific community.

Workflow Import and Export Features

When you have a workflow that you have tested or validated, exporting it allows you to share it with others or reuse it in different projects. To export:

  • Navigate to the Workflow tab in the interface
  • Select your workflow, and click on the “three-dots” button in the bottom right of the workflow card
  • Select the “Copy to Another Workspace” option
  • Choose the workspace to which you want to export your workflow

Importing workflows enables you to leverage existing analysis pipelines shared by the scientific community. To import:

  • Navigate to the Workflow tab in the interface
  • Select the Workflow, and click on the “Find a Workflow” button
  • Search and select the workflow file you want to import from Dockstore
  • Use the Terra integration button on right hand side of the workflow page to navigate back to Terra
  • Specify the workspace to which you want import the workflow
  • Once imported, the workflow will be available in your workspace, ready for immediate use

Remember, the platform offers a wide range of analysis tools and features to suit your bioinformatics needs. Stay tuned for more workflow tips and insights to enhance your experience with this remarkable platform.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team, who are always ready to lend a helping hand.